Hi. My name is Austin Davenport and I am a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, originally from Texas, recently moved to Utah with my wife and pets. I’m certified to work with horses. My specialty is addiction counseling, teenagers, and family systems. I’m pretty obsessed with mountains and doing therapy outdoors. But mostly, I just love all things therapy, and honestly have believed it to be my calling since I was in jr. high!

So this is my space to share my growth as a counselor and as a person. I want to connect with you, and share things that I am finding to be true about life. What my hope is, is that this will touch some part of you that is human like me. Now, some of what I share will be very much related to being a therapist, but a lot will be just me spilling my thoughts and my heart into words for you to read.

So reach out and connect with me. There is no reason we can’t experience life together.